Celebrate Canada

Let's Celebrate our amazing Country...was the thought when putting this tree together. We were unable to Celebrate in July as a community so the City decided to put a tree in Festival of Trees. 

On this tree you will find items that were MADE in Canada and bought local.

Each item has the name of the business it was purchased from...

Avalon Gardens - Hot Chocolate Tin

Mobetta Photography and Farm - Cards

Market Place Ice Cream - Fudge

The Board Room Cafe - $10 Gift Card and Yummie Gummies

Thistle Pot - Tea cup and Saucer

The Wooden Spoon - $10 Gift Certificate and Snowman hot chocolate bag

Fresh Tracks - Socks

Jogas Espresso Cafe - $10 Gift Certificate 

Bath Boss - Bag of goodies

New West Trading Co - Aumbrosia Essential Oil

Lucky Pheasant - 3 kinds of Chocolate Snowman

Salish Seas Shells -  Macrame

Nelson Olive Oil Co. - Olive Oil

Pharmasave - MacIntosh Tin

Cascadia Creations - Wooden Snowflakes

In My Spare Time - Mittens

Grand Forks 2021 Calendar

Gallery 2 - Pot Holders and Juggernaut Coffee

Work n Play - Stain Glass

Barb's Mini Emporium - Maple Candies and Squirrel Wood ornament

Thank you to Wired by Tara, Nancy's Shoppe, Quilting Curve Studio  for your donations to the tree!!


I think this is a wonderful representation of our love for Canada.  

Celebrate Canada

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music - O tannenbaum Musician - Rook1e 

Starting Bid $50

Last Bid - Del Dickin