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Clausen's Fibre Garden

Hi, this is Sue from Clausens Fibre Garden. I am so happy to be able to take part in the Festival of Trees again this year as usual all my ornaments are hand made, well with the exception of my little helper elf who decided to play on my tree star and got himself all tangled in the lights and garland.


My Sassy Sheep decided to bring along some of their Sassy little lambs, you can tell who belongs to who as the lambs are each wearing a piece of their moms wool. We have some fall birdies all wearing their winter best, The candy canes are all sharing the assorted varieties of peppermint in their red, white and greens. As well as some sparkly stars in total there are 24 hand made felted ornaments.


Then to top it off we added 4 gift cards to assorted projects in our shop.


We hope you enjoy our little tree, and Have a Very Merry Christmas. And the Happiest of New Years. 

Clausen's Fibre Garden

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music: Happy Santa       Musician: Grand Project

Starting Bid $50

Winner - Liddie Sorenson $170.00

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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