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Clausen's Fibre Garden

Our tree is again all hand made ornaments, 27 assorted ornaments which represent some of the workshops we teach out at the farm. 

Again we have five of our Sassy Sheep felted heads and bodies of hand dyed Teeswater locks, this year we included six sassy lambs you will see them with their multi coloured felted bodies. There are six little drop spindles on the tree each a different colour, I actually spun the wool to prove they actually work. And who could resist six Huck Embroidered little treat sachets with a candy cane tucked into the back. And if you look deep in the tree you will find four felted Dryer ball  buddies.

Lastly there are three gift certificates which will allow the winner & friends to come out to the farm and learn to do a few projects themselves.

I know that someone will love having ornament which they can use all year long…

Clausen Fibre Garden.jpg

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music - Jingle Bells        Musician - Kevin MacLeod

Starting Bid $50

Winner - Christina Hagermann $185.00

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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