Sunshine Valley Community Services

"Our theme this year is Mermaidy Christmas. During the summer we had a discussion with all our friends to come up with a theme on zoom. We all decided it needed to be fun and colourful so we came up with that theme. This year it looked a little different as COVID did not allow us to work as a large group to make the ornaments. This year we were each given our own ornament to make. Each type of ornament on this tree was made by one Pod. Haha like orca pods. Here are some things my friends said about the ornaments.

“ I really enjoyed creating the starfish. I was inspired to find something that I could crochet and fit the theme. I liked doing them up in different colors and putting my crochet skills to the test.”

“I liked making sparkly balls. My favourite part of Christmas is lights and cake. I liked to sing jingle bells while I made the ornaments.”

“Making the ornaments reminded me of Shamu. I used glue, glitter and string to make the mermaid tails. I love Christmas and I loved making the mermaid tails.”

“It was awesome! I loved making them because I love Christmas. I would hold the string while a CSW helped glue the sequins onto the balls. The blue and purple ones are my favourite. I was happy to make ornaments because I love Christmas. My favourite thing about Christmas is snow flakes and singing Christmas songs.”


Please love this tree like we loved making the ornaments for this tree.


Thank You

From Everyone at Sunshine Valley Community Services."


Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music - O tannenbaum Musician - Rook1e 

Starting Bid $50

Last Bid - Tammy Rae Battersby