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Central Park Farms & The Windsor Hotel

In celebration of what’s to come at the Windsor Hotel in Greenwood, step back in time this holiday season as we transport you to the nostalgic charm of the early 1900’s with our Christmas tree. Adorned with rustic elegance, featuring hand-strung popcorn garlands, and delicate handcrafted ornaments.


Each decoration lovingly curated to evoke the simple joys and timeless traditions of the past. Join us in embracing the essence of the early years in the Boundary while celebrating the joy of giving and community this holiday season.


Since the Festival of Trees is in support of the Boundary Community Food Bank we’re doing a pound per dollar match for the sale of our tree. That means for every dollar spent buying our tree at the auction, we’ll donate a pound of meat from Central Park Farms to the food bank up to a maximum of 500lbs.

Central park Farm & Windsor Hotel

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music: Happy Santa                Musician: Grand Project

Starting Bid $50

Last Bid - $75.00

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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