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Santa Rosa Arts & Healing
Boundless Sounds

Boundless Sounds and Santa Rosa Arts and Healing offer a tree full of treats for the mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in cool winter colours while viewing our artistic take on modern holiday décor. Our gift certificates provide you with opportunities to immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal quartz bowls, enjoy a music lesson or personal serenade, an unforgettable evening of art and culinary brilliance, and a private healing session.


From Boundless Sounds:

Sound Bath - join Lori for one hour of sound healing and relaxation with crystal quartz bowls. Value: $60.00

Music Lesson - 30 minutes - Have you always wanted to try a musical instrument? Join Lori for a half hour introductory lesson on your choice of woodwind, brass, guitar, ukulele or voice. (Must bring your own instrument). Value: $30.00

Personal Serenade - a 30-minute personal serenade for your special occasion. Lori will come to you to provide a personal serenade for that special someone. Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary, or other occasion of your choice. Value: $50.00 


From Santa Rosa Arts and Healing:

Art Night, Mocktails, & Charcuterie - a private glam and fun art night, fancy mocktails and charcuterie board for 4. Value: $300.

Art for the Soul Session - In this  private  art session  at Santa Rosa Arts Studio you will discover the healing powers of art  obtaining clarity and a sense of wholeness.  We will tailor a unique intimate, plentiful and cathartic experience that will unleash your ability to live more creatively in your own way. This session is designed for you with your input. Trust us!  You will want to make this a part of your self care routine!

Santa Rosa Art & Healing and Boundless Sounds

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music: Happy Santa              Musician: Grand Project

Starting Bid $50

Winner - Jody Hatto

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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