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Whispers of Hope

Food Securi-Tree


Get ready to garden - included on this trees is an enormous variety of seeds! Look closely and you will see dozens of vials filled with more than enough for you, and to seed swap with the community. Enjoy the fragrance of dried citrus, and make sure to put out the popcorn garland for the birds when the holidays are through. Below the tree are a couple gift baskets with unused second hand baking and kitchen prep supplies. We have also included a variety of dried goodies in mason jars, for cooking or snacking.


We are inspired by all the hard work that goes into food security in the Boundary, and have dedicated this tree to that initiative. Food Security consists of 4 main aspects: physical availability of food, economic and physical access to food, food utilization, and the stability of those 3 aspects over time. All our ornaments and gifts are made from food that has been grown locally and donated, or salvaged from what would otherwise have been farm or grocery store waste. 


Whispers of Hope relies on and believes strongly in local Food Recovery efforts, to reduce the costs of our program, increase access and variety of nutrition to our most vulnerable, and to reduce unnecessary waste in our local landfills. Several local gardening enthusiasts, farmers, volunteers at the community gardens, and local food bank have all contributed to the Whisper’s Courtesy Kitchen, and this year’s tree. Many thanks especially go to the dedicated hours of several volunteers at Boundary Community Ventures’ Food Recovery Program!


We wish you a healthy, happy, and secure New Year!

Whisper of Hope

Photo Courtesy Peter Kalasz Photography 

Music: Happy Santa              Musician: Grand Project

Starting Bid $50

Winner - Darlene Dautel

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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