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Christmas Wreaths & Stained- Glass

We have 2  beautiful Wreaths donated by Above the Trail Vacation Rental

Balloon Wreath or Colourful Ornament Wreath

Balloon Wreath

Starting Bid $25

Colourful Ornament Wreath

Starting Bid $25

Winner - Liz Fraser $75

Winner - Lorrinda MacRae $95.00

 Beautiful Wreath Donated by Christina Lake Rotary

 Beautiful Wreath Donated by Katherine Praski

Christina Lake Rotary Wreath

Starting Bid $25

Winner - Lorrinda MacRae $75.00

Winner - Dawn MacKenzie $60.00

2 Beautiful Stain Glass Ornaments

Donated by Spector Glass

Bell and Stocking

Spector Glass Bells

Starting Bid $25

Winner - Cher Wyers $100.00

Spector Glass Boot

Starting Bid $25

Winner - Roxanne $55.00

Beautiful Angel Stain Glass Donated by a Christmas Elf

Christmas Angel

Starting Bid $25

Winner - Lori Kirkham $170.00

Thank you for your Bid!! Keep watching to make sure you win your tree!!

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