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Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Not sure you need a Wedding Planner? Think you can do everything yourself? Well, sometimes you can, but if you really want to relax and enjoy the build up to your special day…as well as the day itself…consider a Certified Wedding Planner like myself!

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Sixteen years ago, I watched a new movie with Jennifer Lopez called “The Wedding Planner” and I knew after seeing it that this was something I could do. I always planned parties in my head not thinking at that time it would lead me to do something I truly love to do! It can be very overwhelming with all the companies out there finding that one person that will bring your wedding dreams to life. Well, I would love to be that person.

Here are some ideas that I believe you should consider when looking for that perfect Wedding Planner:

1. State the obvious when asking for information, first thing mentioned your wedding date:

SO IMPORTANT! Saving time is a number one concern. Make this the first item you pass on and if you haven’t set a date as yet, give us a rough estimate, especially if you think it might be during the busiest time of the year, SUMMER! You can imagine how fast our calendars book up, so the more information we know, the better.

2. A planner who is up to date with technology, should offer a working business e-mail and website.

If you notice that you are receiving emails from a Wedding Planner you are thinking of hiring and they are using Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo accounts you may want to think twice. Always remember, you want the best working on your behalf, so look for a Wedding Planner with a working business email and website.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Milne Photography

3. Ensure you read carefully and ask lots of question to ensure you choose a planner who offers the package you are looking for.

With so many planners out there, just imagine then how many different packages are offered! Think about what you want, write it down and bring it to your first consultation. Don’t waste your time if you don’t see what you want. Or ask, if you don’t see a package you like, because you might find that some will customize something just for you.

4. Is your Wedding Planner certified?

Don’t be afraid to check out the credentials of any Wedding Planner. A good Wedding Planner will show off their education with their certificates/diplomas/degrees hanging front and centre in their office. You don’t want to hire Susie just because she planned her own wedding, do you? Who's Your Planner? Is certified through Wedding Planners Institute of Canada which is the only non-college/university certification that is recognized and credited all over the world.

5. Another thing to ask for is a business license and insurance.

This will also prove that they are a company that is successful within the event industry. Without these two items, you are just asking for problems if you hire them.

6. Don’t expect a quote right away if you haven’t provided all the details.

It comes down to the almighty dollar, and I am sure like most, you want a quote right off the bat so you know it will fit into your budget. Bring the details like: where, how many, your budget, timings, décor, etc…then you can expect your Wedding Planner can give you an honest quote. Who’s Your Wedding Planner? will ask you many questions before I even meet and my quotes will be in writing. That being said, I can give you my minimum price, but remember, as we talk some more, various things will affect the price quoted. So, let’s do it right and try to go through all probabilities right from the get go.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Milne Photography

7. Don’t hire until you meet with a Wedding Planner.

Do you have your list? Check in with as many Wedding Planner as you want. You have to make sure that your Wedding Planner is the right fit for you because they are all different. You will find also that most Wedding Planners in the area will have met the other ones. What does that mean for you? Well, if we don’t think we can meet your needs, we should be able to offer up another Wedding Planner that would suit you.

8. Start out by asking the obvious, “Tell us about your company and how you got started.”

We love to talk about ourselves and why we got into this business! By doing that, you will help yourself find out more about us. Are we new, what types of weddings have we done, etc.

9. Weddings are us! We could talk all day about weddings.

If you are unsure about something, ask! We are happy to answer any of your questions! We don’t bite!! Don’t be shy. We want this to be a great experience for you!

10. Changes can be made to a contract before you sign!

If you feel something needs to be altered, make as many changes as you want, we want to make sure we have everything before you sign the contract.

11. Remember the what Burger King says, “Have it your way!”

We don’t want any problems arising on the day of your wedding. We want to work with you to make your dreams come true. Your vision is all that matters!

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Milne Photography

12. Hire a planner that follows a code of ethics.

Who’s Your Wedding Planner? is certified through WPIC. I follow a code of ethics that is very strict. WPIC alumni will NOT accept kickbacks. This means that when I recommend vendors, I am not recommending them because they are paying me. I am recommending them because I consider them to be an excellent company.

13. Wedding vendors are not in it for the money (including wedding planners).

Take a look at what you pay us, and then spread it over a year. Also, remember that there are only so many wedding days; which means there are only so many clients we can take on. We all will work very hard for you during the planning and the day of your wedding. We do it because we love weddings and the atmosphere that comes with it; not because of the money. I promise you.

Hopefully I have answered some of those burning questions you have about Wedding Planners.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Milne Photography

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have more you want answered. There is nothing I love more than talking about weddings!

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