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Wedding Vendors Come and Go:  Pick the Right One!

Good Wedding Vendors stick around for the long run. Others are here today gone tomorrow. Take your time, talk with your Wedding Planner because most reputable Wedding Planner build a list of vendors that are good and can be counted on.

Here is a list of eight tips you should take into consideration when picking your wedding vendors:

1. You know that vibe that say, you feel comfortable with the vendor!

Trust is everything because your wedding day is important. If you are not getting along with your vendor, move on and find another one. You don't need issues as you get closer to your special day.

2. What do you mean you can't provide what you promised us?

Does your vendor know the wedding industry? Most vendors attend mixers, socials and seminars, especially when they are new to the industry. It’s a serious red flag if they aren’t familiar with the wedding industry.

3. Oops, they have no insurance!

Make sure you hire a vendor who has insurance. It might cost you a little bit more if they do than a company that doesn't. Chances are that something could go wrong and it makes more sense to find a company that is reputable and is fully covered.

4. Plan A, Plan B...we got you covered!

A good vendors thinks ahead to what could possibly happen and ensures they bring extras. Things happen! The point is to keep everything on track so the bride and groom are never aware anything got derailed.

5. Is it business as usual with a business license?

It is illegal to operate a business without a City License. If a vendor does not have a license, it makes them look pretty shady. Stay away from these types of vendors.

6. They got great reviews!

If you can, check for reviews on a vendor. Research, research, research! Good reviews...good vendor. It's a no brainer!

7. Become a follower of a vendors blog and social media.

Find a vendor that has the same ideas about weddings as you do. Could be that's the one for you. So check out their website and follow their blog to find out what interests them...they may be the right one for you.

8. Who do you recommend?

A recommendation might be a good thing or a bad thing. Remember, you may not have the same taste as the person making the recommendation. Take the time to meet other vendors who might fit your personality better.

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